Anne De Villeméjane was born in Paris in 1964 and now lives and works in New York. She followed intensive training at various art schools including Massachusetts’s College of Art, The Museum School of Boston, Harvard University, and the de Cordova Museum. Anne was originally recognized for her rare sensitivity with a strong sense of color and texture in her collages. Noticed at the New York Art Expo in 2000 by renowned Italian artist and gallery owner Lorenzo Cascio, she was introduced to bronze sculpture and developed a passion for it, creating and casting most of her own artwork in her early years.

She observes and analyzes with a curious eye affirming the primacy of emotion and energy in life. As a result, her work revolves mostly around expressions of human nature as opposed to still life. Feeding on her Latin roots, Anne’s artwork focuses on the vivid themes of Corrida and Flamenco with the more subdued rendering of nudes. With time, Anne also developed an acute sense of impermanence of life, thus achieving a high level of emotional tension in her work. Anne works in a variety of media including bronze, clay, metal, concrete, acrylic, and collages. Her work is represented in numerous private collections in Europe and the USA. Anne's work has been exhibited in the Modus Art Gallery, GALLERY M, Madelyn Jordon Fine Arts Gallery, Galerie Mark Hachem, Vivendi and Modus Galleries, Massachusetts College of Art, Centre Culturel, Christiane Peugeot, deCordova Museum Schools, Monroe Center for the Arts, and Boston Photo Imaging.