Zhang Huan is one of China's best known performance and conceptual artists. His most recent work has consisted of sculptures, and paintings that reference the history of his native China, from fundamental political, intellectual, and religious figures to anonymous portraits and landscape scenes. 


1965 Born Anyang City, He Nan Province, China
  Lives and Works in Shanghai and New York
1993 MA, Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing, China
1988 BA, He Nan University, Kai Feng, China


2008 Zhang Huan: Blessing, Shanghai Art
  Museum, Shanghai, China
  Zhang Huan: Altered States, Vancouver
  Art Gallery, Vancouver, Canada
2007 Zhang Huan: Altered States, Asia Society, New York, USA
  Zhang Huan: Ash, Haunch of Venison, London, England
  Zhang Huan: Berlin Buddha, Haunch of Venison, Berlin, Germany
  Zhang Huan, PhotoEspana 2007, Madrid, Spain
  Zhang Huan-Drawings, Galerie Volker Diehl, Berlin, Germany
2006 Zhang Huan, Galerie Volker Diehl, Berlin, Germany
  Zhang Huan, Sherman Galleries, Sydney, Australia
2005 Zhang Huan: Seeds of Hamburg, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, USA
2004 Zhang Huan: Seeds of Hamburg, Norton Museum of Art, Florida, USA
  Zhang Huan, La Fabrica Galeria, Madrid, Spain
  Zhang Huan, Tri Postal, Lille 2004, Cultural Capital of Europe, Lille, France
2003 Zhang Huan, Bochum Museum, Bochum, Germany
  Zhang Huan, Galerie Volker Diehl, Berlin, Germany
  Zhang Huan, Nikolaj Copenhagen Contemporary Art Center, Copenhagen, Danmark
2002 Zhang Huan, Kunstverein in Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany
2001 Zhang Huan, Luhring Augustine Gallery, New York, USA
  Zhang Huan, The Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery, Toronto, Canada
  Zhang Huan, Museo das Peregrinacions, Santiago de Compostela, Spain
  Zhang Huan: Famliy Tree, Galerie Albert Benamou, Paris, France
2000 My America, Deitch Projects, New York, USA
  Zhang Huan Survey, Adam Gallery, Wellington, New Zealand
  Zhang Huan, Cotthem Gallery, Belgium
  Zhang Huan, Cotthem Gallery, Barcelona, Spain
1999 Zhang Huan, Works From 1994-1998, Max Protetch Gallery, New York, USA
  Zhang Huan: Performance on Video, Artspace, Sydney, Australia
  Zhang Huan: Performance, Artspace, Auckland, New Zealand
1988 Zhang Huan, He Nan University, Kai Feng, China


2008 Body Language: Chinese Photography, National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne, Australia
  Half-Life of a Dream: Contemporary Chinese Art from the Collection of Kent and Vicki Logan, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, San Francisco, USA
  Person of the Crowd, Neuberger Museum of Art, New York, USA
2007 Exposed: Defining Moments in Photograph from the MCA Collection, Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, USA
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2006 Shoot the Family, Cranbrook Art Museum, Michigan, USA
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