(1962 - Present)

Zhang Wang is a Chinese sculptor. His career as an iconoclast began with In a Twinkling (1993), an installation of superrealist figurative sculptures. Although he is best known for being a contemporary Chinese sculptor, he is also known in other art forms such as installations, photography, and video. His pieces consist of conceptual ideas where he "embraces and subverts several other major traditions in modern art, both Chinese and Euro-American. Many of his works include the use of simplistic objects that serve a purpose of telling a complex idea. Many of his ideas that are expressed through his works pertain to Chinese culture. In 1993, he was featured in his first exhibit and since then he has been showcased in over 125 exhibits, 24 of which were solo exhibitions. 



Born in Beijing, China

1978 - 1981 

Graduated from Beijing Industrial Arts College, Beijing, China

1983 - 1988

Graduated from Sculpture Department, Central Academy of Fine Art, Beijing, China


100 Global Most Discussed Artists Art Handbook


Martell Extraordinary Artist Award

Currently lives and works in Beijing




Universe, Singapore Tyler Print Institute, Singapore (solo)

Zhan Wang: My Personal Universe, Ullens Center for Contemporary Art (solo)


Voyages, National Museum of China, Beijing, China (solo

The Emperors Private Paradise, Treasures From The Forbidden City, Milwaukee Art Museum, USA

Louis Vuitton, Voyages, National Museum of China, Beijing

Urben Arcadia, MOT/ARTS, Taipei (solo)

2009 - 2011

Vancouver Biennale, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada


Art for the World: the Sculpture Project of the EXPO Boulevaro World, Shanghai 2010, Shanghai EXPO, China (group)

Suyuan Stone Generator 1 Hour Equals 100 Million Years, Today Art Museum, Beijing, China (solo)

One Hour Equals 100 Million Years, Suyuan Stone Generator, Today Art Museum, Beijing, China (solo)

Reflection, Eslite Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan (solo)


Vancouver Biennale, Vancouver, Canada

The Paramount, A Collective Portrait of Asian Contemporary Art, Boao Asian Contemporary Art Exhibition, Boao Asian Forum International meeting Center, Hainan, China

Contemporary Sculpture in the Historic, Bad Homburg Kurpark and Castle Gardens, Germany (group)

Art and Rocks: Nature Found and Made, ArtFarm, Chambers Fine Art, Salt Point, NY


Garden Utopia, National Museum of China, Beijing, China (solo)

Mahjong: Contemporary Chinese Art from the Sigg Collection, Berkeley Art Museum, Berkeley, CA (solo)

Zhan Wang, Albion Gallery, London, UK (solo)

On Gold Mountain: Sculptures from the Sierra, Asian Art Museum, San Francisco, USA (solo)

The Revolution Continues, New Chinese Art, Saatchi Gallery, London, UK


Recapture History, Contemporary Chinese Art From the Collection, Guangdong Museum of Fine Arts, Guangzhou, China

The Power of the Universe, The Frontier of Contemporary Chinese Art, Asia Art Center, Beijing, China

Contemporary Cultural Venation - China Version 2007 Credit Suisse Reincarnation, Doris Mcarthy Gallery University of Toronto Scarborough, Toronto, USA (group)

China Under Construction: Contemporary Art from the People's Republic, Deborah Colton Gallery, Houston, TX

Temptations, The Columns, Seoul, Korea


The Festival of China, The Kennedy Center, Washington D.C

Electrical Scape, International New Media Art Exhibition, Zheng Da Art Museum, Shanghai

Chinese in Indigenous Mode: Contemporary Renaissance in Aesthetic Reconstruction, Today Art Museum, Beijing

The New Chinese Landscape, Arthur M Sackler Museum, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA

ZHAN WANG Urban Landscape-Beijing, Williams College Museum of Art (solo)


The Elegance of Silence, Mori Art Museum, Tokyo

Universal Experience--Art, Life, and the Tourists Eyes, Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago; Haywood Gallery, London

The Wall-- Reshaping Contemporary Chinese Art, Millennium Art Museum, Beijing; UB Art Gallery and Albright Knox Art Gallery, Buffalo, New York

Flowers in the Mirror, Han art Gallery, Hong Kong (solo)

ElectroScape, International New Media Art Exhibition, Zhengdai MoMa, Shanghai

Xianfeng! Chinese avant-garde sculpure, Museum Beelden aan Zee/Waanders Uitgevers

On The Edge Visiting Artists Program, Cantor Center for the Visual Arts, San-, USA

The Elegance of Silence, Mori Art Museum, Tokyo

Universal Experience- Art, Life, and the Tourists Eye, Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago


Mount Everest Project, to the Summit Everest 8853.5m (solo)

Chinese Imagination, Paris, Jardin des Tuileries

Beyond Boundaries, Shanghai Gallery of Art

Between Past and Future : New photography and Video from China, International Center of P hotograph (ICP), NewYork

Playing with the Energy, House of Shiseido, Tokyo


Dreams and Conflicts-The Dictatorship of the Viewer

50th Venice Biennale: Synthi-Scapes: Chinese Pavilion


From Sweden to Taibei, Taibei-Taizhong (solo)

Sham Nature--Zhan Wangs Artificial Jiashanshi, Han art Gallery, Hong Kong (solo)

In & out --Floating Rock on Sweden, Gothenburg, Sweden (solo)


Inlay Great Wall, Remnant Great wall of Badaling, Beijing (solo)

Sham Nature : Zhan Wangs Artificial Jiashanshi, Hanart Gallery, Hongkong

Insaid out: Floating Rock on Sweden, Gothenbog, Sweden 


Beyond Twelve Nautical Miles: Floating Rock Drifts On The Open Sea, Lingshan Island Jiaonan City, Shandong Provence


Volume and Form, Singapore International Sculpture, Singapore

Transience: Chinese Experimental Art at the End of the Twentieth Century, The Smart Museum of Art, Chicago, Illinois, USA

Chinese Contemporary Art, LIMN Gallery, San Francisco, California, USA


Annual Exhibition of Contemporary Sculpture, He Xiang Ning Museum, Shenzhen, China

Building Blocks, Courtyard Gallery, Beijing, China

A Revelation of 20 Years of Contemporary Chinese Art, Workers Cultural Palace, Beijing, China

Commemorating Life, Jinshan, Taiwan

Half a Century of Footprints, Central Academy of Fine Arts Gallery, Beijing, China

Autonomous Action, Art Space Gallery, Auckland, New Zealand

Signs of Life: Group Exhibition of Modern Chinese Art, Modern Art Studio, Beijing, China


Continue, Central Academy of Fine Arts Gallery, Beijing, China

The First Sculpture Activities in Guilin Dayanggu Art Palace, Guilin, China

Dream of China 1997: Chinese Contemporary Art, Yan Huang Art Museum, Beijing, China

Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition, Watari-UM, Tokyo, Japan

Forever Return 1997: Nanshan Sculpture Exhibition, Nanshun Sculpture Institute, Shenzhen, China


The First Exhibition in Mountain-Forest Sculpture Park, Huar Rou, Beijing, China

International Sculpture Wild: Open Show, Fukouka Seaside Park, Fukouka, Japan

The First Academic Exhibition of Chinese Contemporary Artists, Hong Kong Art Center, Hong Kong

Reality, Present and Future, International Art Place, Beijing, China


Womans Her: The Second Triplicate Studio Exhibition, Contemporary Art Gallery, Beijing, China


Vacant Empty- Seduction Series, Works of Zhan Wang, CAFA Gallery, Beijing (solo)

Agree to 11/26 as a Reason: Postcard Exchange, Hangzhou, Shanghai, and Beijing

Kong Ling Kong Seduction Series: Works of Zhan Wang, Central Academy of Fine Arts Gallery, Beijing, China


Taiwan, Beijing, Two Sides of Straits: Sculpture Exchange, Gao Xiaong Art Gallery, Taiwan and Beijing, China