Marit Geraldine Bostad has described her paintings as "intuitive, rich in color, and has a nerve".  They have largely emotional and thoughtful processes behind them. Describing her practice as a kind of therapy and a way for her mind to switch off, Marit Geraldine’s feelings about her work are made clear by the lasting affect her paintings have on her audience.  Marit states: ”When I paint I go into another place. Not by trying, but just by being. Interaction with my tools, colors, and the white canvas. And when I am in that state – and eventually find a connection to the artwork, I have learned by time, that someone else also connects to it as well.  My job is to search for, to know when I am there.  And it demands that I be true to myself, open minded and searching for interesting contrasts."

Marit Geraldine Bostad is originally an Art Director, with 10 years of visual projects within film, illustration and concept building in Oslo. Besides pursuing the commercial work, she has always been painting. In 2010 Bostad left her career in Art Direction to pursue her painting full time, and in 2015 she opened her own gallery/studio called Geraldine. She has exhibited her work since 2011 in London, Oslo and New York, and has received substantial attention from curators at Saatchi Art as well as galleries throughout Europe for her vibrant, joyful and contemporary abstract paintings. 

Marit Geraldine Bostad (1976) earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Art Direction in 1997.  She works and lives in Horten in Vestfold County, Norway.  Her studio is at an old naval base, where she finds most of her work inspiration in the middle of great nature and historical buildings.