Born in 1956 in New York City, Horowitz is an American landscape painter with a focus on vanishing landscapes. After graduating from SUNY Purchase, he served as apprentice to Wolf Kahn for five years.  

Horowitz follows a long line of painters in his relationship to the American landscape. The early 20th-century artists Arthur Dove, Georgia O'Keefe and Charles Burchfield all espoused reverence for nature. Burchfield spoke of seeing the energy emanating from the landscapes he painted. For O'Keefe, the landscape became an inner mirror, a reflector of the soul.

What Larry Horowitz brings to his art on both coasts, in both the East and West, is his own rhythm, his own sense of self. The artist has discovered within himself a synchronicity with nature that flows from his inner eye. In the paintings of Larry Horowitz, we find ourselves in nature's heart, everywhere it beats… in each vivid color, each energetic line and each lush heavy stroke of the knife. 

Horowitz has been selected to participate in the Arts-In-Embassies in Finland and Russia. He strives to capture the beauty of the American landscape with an expert use of texture and color that invites imagination and discovery.