MYRON MELNICK (Born in 1953)

Myron Melnick was born in Denver, Colorado. In 1978 he got his MFA in Painting and Sculpture at The University of Minnesota (Minneapolis, Minnesota).  After graduating with his MFA, Melnick began to experiment with paper. "I was making these thin ceramic plates, and they were a little too fragile sometimes, and someone gave me some paper pulp and I made some plates, and they took me a long time to finish. I rubbed some ceramic materials into the paper, and it stuck to the paper, and it was rich, and I was thinking, this is the way to go." 

An accomplished colorist and an expert at creating a pleasing array of complementary tones, Melnick's neo-modernist body of work includes paper cast sculptures or monotypes that incorporate collage elements. Melnick is an art collector, and among his many interests are African art and Oceanic art, which have influenced his work.

Melnick’s work has exhibited in many galleries throughout the United States. His work  is widely collected in numerous private collections such as American Bell, Denver, CO, American Telecommunications Corp., Denver, CO, Bill L. Waiters Construction Management, Denver, CO, Calvin Klein, New York, NY, and Central Bank of Denver, Denver, CO.