CESAR J. SANTANDER (Born June 26, 1947, near Cadiz, Spain)

American painter, Cesar Santander, is known for hyperrealist oil paintings of dolls, toys, and comic book heroes. Santander first began taking photos of nostalgic antiques and childhood objects to use as references for his paintings after being influenced by pictorial magazines and the first generation of photorealist painters. During his career, he has explored numerous series of images. Photos continue to be the most important element in Santander work, and serve as a constant source of inspiration throughout his painting process, which usually take 4-12 weeks to create.

Cesar J. Santander studied at Pratt Institute, earning his BFA in 1969 and MA in 1977. His work has been exhibited in many galleries throughout the United States and Canada. His work  is widely collected in numerous private and public institutions such as Burdines Department Stores, Miami, Fl, Chase Manhattan Bank, New York, NY, Clarkson-Gordon Collection, Toronto, Ontario, Greenville County Museum of Art, Greenville, SC, Mariposa Communications, Toronto, Ontario, University Hospital, London, Ontario, Victoria Hospital, London, Ontario, Walt Disney Company, Pasadena, CA,  Zimmerli Art Museum, Rutgers University, NJ, and many more.