Madelyn Jordon Fine Art Expressionist Tendencies: Paintings by Ken Elliott, Hunt Slonem, and Linda Touby



“EXPRESSIONIST TENDENCIES: Ken Elliott, Hunt Slonem, and Linda Touby” 
February 14 – March 28, 2009

Madelyn Jordon Fine Art is pleased to present “EXPRESSIONIST TENDENCIES”, an exhibition of paintings by contemporary artists, Ken Elliott, Hunt Slonem, and Linda Touby. The exhibition will open on Saturday, February 14, 2009 with a reception for the artists from 2-5PM, and will remain on view through March 28, 2009. Previews are by appointment only.

The exhibition brings together recent works by 3 accomplished contemporary artists, whose individual painting styles have a common element: a foundation in expressionism. Though working in diverse subject matter, from figuration, to landscape and abstraction, each artist employs the hallmarks of expressionist painting: bold colors, distorted forms, chaotic brush strokes, and intense emotion.

The expressionist movement in art was first associated with German painting and graphic work at the turn of the century. Some of its leading artists include Kirschner, Beckmann, Kollwitz, Nolde and Munch. In the years since WW II, it has inspired and influenced the work of innumerable American artists, drawn to the emotional intensity and power of its examples.

Ken Elliott, the noted Colorado landscape painter, creates raucous interpreta- tions of the Western countryside at the height of seasonal glory. Using a high-key color palette, angled, dense compositions and bold, repetitive marks, the artist manufactures a personal vision of nature as compelling drama.

Prominent New York artist, Hunt Slonem, is most brilliantly known for his emotional depictions of exotic birds, butterflies, orchids and historical figures. The luscious surface of his signature canvases, heavily laden with layered oil paint, created with sweeping, rapid movements, convey an unleashed intensity which transcend the paintings imagery.

New York painter Linda Touby, has been mining the abstract expressionist tradition for over 25 years. Her richly layered surfaces, composed of multiple bands of satiny color, imply a dissolution of form, and baring of pure emotion. Her new works add writing to the deep space of the canvas, evoking a memory, idea or thought, buried in the deep recesses of our consciousness.

For further information about the exhibition, contact Madelyn Jordon or Susan Bores at the gallery.
Tues - Sat, 10:30am - 5:30pm