Madelyn Jordon Fine Art LOVE/ PAINT


Madelyn Jordon Fine Art is pleased to announce LOVE/ PAINT, a group show of works by seven artists with a singular dedication and passion for painting.  Artists included in the exhibition are Stanley Boxer, Derek Buckner, Antonio Carreno, Julie Heffernan, Yangyang Pan, Michelle Sakhai, and Hunt Slonem.  The opening reception will take place on Friday September 18, from 6-8 PM and the public is invited.

The act of painting is deeply rooted in the history of visual art, dating to its earliest form through illustrations of animals and symbols in caves.  This innate form of communication and expression is part of the fabric of who we are.  In the 21st century, art methods have expanded ten-fold, however, painting remains increasingly popular as a beloved form of visual art.

The exhibition, LOVE/ PAINT presents a cross section of established and emerging artists, each having divergent styles and painting practices.  Hunt Slonem, Julie Heffernan, and Stanley Boxer are three examples of artists who have devoted their lives to the medium, making their mark in contemporary painting. Although these artists have singular methods, they have each had successful careers in painting filled with respect and recognition around the world.

Yangyang Pan proves that painting still has its place in contemporary dialog.  Pan’s oil on canvas, Pond, is a contemporary take on Monet’s impressionist water lilies. In addition to participating in many exhibits, Pan has had a fruitful 2015 year, completing a painting commission with the Apple store in China.

Derek Buckner paints contemporary landscapes in a traditional, ethereal style. Particularly in his large 52 x 56 inch painting, Reflection Over Tree, the young artist considers the past while re-establishing a nostalgic En plein air painting practice.

Michelle Sakhai is the galleries newest artist in LOVE/ PAINT. Sakhai’s scintillating gold and silver leaf canvases sparkle with a desire for aesthetics and studio practice.  In her abstract diptych, Letting Go, she incorporates a background of silver leaf applied on canvas. Her Iranian and Japanese heritage perhaps influenced the utilization of classical materials with abstraction.

The act of painting is a timeless force, as depicted in Antonio Carreno’s Upward Motion. In continuing a successful career in painting on the east coast, Carreno drives the process along, making recent paintings that elegantly touch upon abstract, extragalactic Quasars, the brightest objects in outer space.

I have paint in my veins, it seems like a silly thing today to want to paint when there are so many other forms of expression.  But I grew up around art, and just love to paint, I have since I was a child.  – Hunt Slonem

Madelyn Jordon Fine Art, located in Scarsdale, NY is a fine art gallery focusing on 20th and 21stc art.  Founded in 2001, MJFA has provided an open and friendly space for clients to discuss and view fresh, new work.  The gallery mounts six annual exhibitions, handles the acquisition and resale of significant works by modern and contemporary artists, builds collections, and sources art for commercial and residential projects.