Madelyn Jordon Fine Art TRANSPARENT: A group exhibition featuring glass,painting, and photography by Christina Bothwell, Lucio Bubacco, Alberto Dona, Jamie Harris, David Hering, Paul Jenkins, Martin Kremer, Silvia Levenson, David Levi, Robin Mix, Robert Natkin, Anje Pluta, Adria



Exhibition: TRANSPARENT: A group exhibition featuring
glass, painting and photography
Date: December 2 – Jan 29, 2005
Location: 14 Chase Road, Scarsdale NY 10583
Opening: Thursday, Dec 2, 2004 6-8pm

Madelyn Jordon Fine Art is pleased to present a group exhibition entitled TRANSPARENT. The exhibition unites the plastic qualities of three mediums of artmaking—painting, studio glass and photography. Featured artists in the exhibition in studio glass include Christina Bothwell, Lucio Bubacco, Alberto Dona, Jamie Harris, David Hering, Martin Kremer, Silvia Levenson, David Levi, Robin Mix and Adriano Dalla Valentina. Painters include Ross Bleckner, Paul Jenkins, Robert Natkin, and Andy Warhol. Andrezj Pluta’s photography is included as well.
The transparent qualities of glass, and its extraordinary light refracting abilities have captivated artists throughout history to the present time. In the glass capital of Italy, centered in Murano in the city of Venice, refined, delicate works in glass have been a tradition for over 500 years. Today, Lucio Bubacco, Alberto Dona, and Adriano Dalla Valentina, three artists in this exhibition, present quality examples of the finest in Murano glass. Lucio Bubacco, a renowned master in flameworking, Alberto Dona, master glassblower and former partner to Lino Taglialapietra, and Adriano Dalla Valentina present brilliant works of color, form and beauty.
The versatility of contemporary American studio glass artists is showcased in innovative, freewheeling works. Robin Mix’s lively, upbeat, modern designs complement David Levi’s whimsical containers; the texture of Martin Kremer’s fused glass sculptures complement the elegant, shimmering vessels of California painter turned glass blower, David Hering.
On canvas, internationally recognized artists, Robert Natkin and Ross Bleckner present paintings of translucent layers which create illusions of color, space and light.
Finally, the extraordinary lightness of being created in the cibachromes of Andrezj Pluta, reflect the artist’s quest for purity found in nature’s flora.

The exhibition shall be on view through Jan 29, 2005. For further information,
contact Madelyn Jordon at 914-723-8738.
Tues-Sat 10 - 5:30pm and by appointment