Madelyn Jordon Fine Art Yangyang Pan Reviewed in Arte Fuse

Yangyang Pan Reviewed in Arte Fuse


Yangyang: Down the Rabbit Hole at Madelyn Jordon Fine Art

by Jamie Martinez on 6/9/2014

In her latest solo show Down the Rabbit Hole, artist Yangyang Pan explores the conceptual path which is thought to lead to the true nature of reality. With her explosive, colorful and bright abstract  paintings, she takes us through her Wonderland where, just like Alice, she's not only trying to figure out Wonderland but also herself. By letting her imagination  run wild, she translates this energy into the canvas.  Driven by impulsion and following the steps of nature, Yangyang celebrates and highlights the contrast of the beauties and imperfections the world has to offer.

My favorite painting is Good Day Escape. The bold, fast strokes give the piece life and movement while the mixture of bright cool colors defines the territory. By overlapping paint, she gives the painting greater intensity and, when looked from afar, you can see the structure come together.

The second painting I want to discuss is Last Fall. I am reminded how nature works in this one also. The complements between the colors mixed with odd shapes and how they are placed are key to the harmony of this painting. Even though it's harsh and rough, it has a quiet melody when looked at from a distance. Yangyang also leaves a big void on the top right side of this painting exploring space.

The show consists of twelve paintings which have a natural flow, contrast and balance. According to the artist, she explores conceptual ideas of memory, experience and emotion. The colors complement each other and the different organic textures and shapes work well together. These paintings are very festive and celebratory. They celebrate life, color and energy in a positive light. Let's celebrate with Yangyang as she takes us Down the Rabbit Hole!